Adding a new employee

Updated 5 months ago by Michael Gu

Labor management is at the heart of the FloEnvy system of collaboration tools.

Every cultivation team requires employee collaboration to capture and log key data points throughout each grow cycle.

To begin adding employees:

  • In the FloEnvy Dashboard, hover over your profile and click Employees

  • In the popup, you should see all of your employees
  • Click Invite Employee, which will prompt for the employee's name and phone number
    • After submitting the invite, the employee will receive a text message containing a link to download the FloEnvy Mobile app. The text message will also contain the Company Code that they will use to join your team.

  • At this stage, each new employee should have the FloEnvy Mobile app open and ready to sign up.
    • In FloEnvy Mobile, press Create a New Account

  • The employee will enter their First Name, Last Name, Company Code, and Password:

  • The employee will be given a unique PIN # that is used for future sessions

  • The new employee account should now be linked to your FloEnvy Dashboard.
    • Verify by checking that each new employee onboarded is visible in your table of Employees:

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