Creating a cycle

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Cycles are a central concept to FloEnvy's cultivation system. 

  • Each cycle in FloEnvy represents an active grow cycle:  one or more plant batches that have been planted and are currently in the vegetative or flowering phases
  • By creating cycles in FloEnvy, you are able to carefully track and plan each step of the cultivation process, schedule and assign tasks, and stay on track even when your farm undergoes unforeseen events. 
  • Each cycle begins with a planting task, and usually ends with harvest or a final weight assessment task.
  • Because of FloEnvy's flexible nature, you can always customize each task type to add instructions or your own twist within the settings.

To create a cycle:

  • In the FloEnvy Dashboard, navigate to the Cycles tab

  • Under the Grow Cycles subtab, click + New Cycle
  • Give the cycle a name and set the start date
  • Choose the template you'd like to use (learn how to create a template here)

  • Once you select a template, the tasks will automatically appear and will be used for this cycle

  • (Optional) You may choose to edit the template by clicking on the template area. You will be prompted to begin editing the template.

Next, specify the locations for plant movement (you may choose the same location for all if applicable).

  • Next, select the plant batches you wish to grow as part of this cycle
    • You have 2 options: selecting existing batches or creating new batches
  • If you select existing batches, it's as simple as choosing any of the batches in the list. You will see the active/immature plant counts next to each batch's name

  • If you want to create new batches that don't exist yet, you will have to specify the strain, batch name, batch origin type, initial location, and number of plants

  • Once your batches are defined, you are ready to submit the cycle
    • You will then be prompted to either 1) save a draft (for your teammates to review) or 2) finalize the cycle
    • Note: you must have cycle creation permissions to finalize
  • After the cycle is created, you will be automatically redirected to the new cycle's page
    • Scrolling down within the cycle page, you will find the cycle timeline
    • The cycle timeline is where you may assign employees to specific tasks, view logs as they are submitted by your team, and track hours worked.
    • The task for today will be highlighted in green

  • You may also add as many new tasks as you would like to the cycle timeline alongside those already populated by the template
  • Your team is now ready to view, join, and complete all tasks within the FloEnvy Mobile app!

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